Skin Lightening Products with Hydroquinone

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Jevelle's Hydroquinone Skin Lightening Products, for lightening overall skin color, skin discoloration's, freckles, age spots, liver spots, melasma & hyperpigmentation.

Many people ask us, "What does Michael Jackson use for whitening his skin". Michael Jackson's face certainly reveals to me (in my opinion) that he is probably using Hydroquinone for lightening his skin. Notice he always uses an umbrella everywhere he goes when he is outside, this is because skin lightening is not permanent and the suns rays will bring back pigmentation to the skin. In order to prevent this you must always wear a full spectrum sun block of  SPF 15 or higher and avoid over exposure to the suns rays. 

If Michael Jackson would admit he is lightening his skin, he would more than likely tell you he is using Hydroquinone because it is the most effective skin lightening ingredient when properly formulated into a cream or lotion. Most all skin types can benefit from our skin Lightening products  Unlike other "fade creams", Jevelle's Skin Lightening creams are engineered to allow the active ingredient (hydroquinone) deep inside the skin for faster results. Superior absorption means it is able to bleach the toughest spots that other fade creams can't even touch.

Hydroquinone is the quickest way to skin whitening. Hydroquinone has been approved for skin lightening by the FDA.
Asian's and sensitive skin types may want to see our non-hydroquinone Kojic Acid skin lightening method. See details below.

Skin Lightening System by Jevelle

Advanced Skin Lightening System Deluxe


Hydroquinone 2% Advanced Skin Lightening System for Face & Body.

System Includes:

  • Daytime Skin Lightening Fade Cream SPF15.

  • Nighttime Skin Lightening Fade Cream.

  • Nighttime Skin Lightening Fade Gel w/Glycolic Acid 5% and 2% Hydroquinone

  • Facial Exfoliating Cream for removal of dead skin cells (which allows the active ingredients to penetrate more deeply, thus helping to speed up the lightening process.

  • Skin Whitening Body Lotion w/Hydroquinone 2%

No Prescription required
Comes with directions, How to Use. Quality, Affordable & Effective, no mineral oil.  

Special Price of:$99.80   


Skin Whitening System with hydroquinone gradually lightens and whitens the skin's color, fades discoloration's and hyperpigmentations of the skin, like age spots, liver spots, freckles, or skin pigmentation that may arise from exposure to the sun, during pregnancy, and from the use of oral contraceptives - known as melasma.

Our skin lightening products are affordable and effective. Quality products no mineral oils of any kind are ever used in our skin lightening formulas. Thus allowing the lightening ingredient hydroquinone to penetrate more deeply. Mineral oil blocks penetration and can render a skin lightening product worthless and ineffective.

Body Lightening System

Skin Lightening  Nighttime Skin Lightening Cream
Nighttime Fade Cream

Hydroquinone is the best treatment for lightening brown spots caused by sun exposure, aging, and cutaneaous hyperpigmentation. This cream contains hydroquinone 2% and is recommended for:
  • Age spots
  • Dehydrated skin
  • Dark pigmentation
  • Freckles
  • Pigmentation from acne

The active lightening agent (hydroquinone) has been incorporated
into an easier spreading, more emollient cream . In addition to normal use for age spots, it is also effective for any skin discoloration that may result from the sun, contraceptive pills or pregnancy masks (melasma). Contains no mercury compounds. Nevertheless, you should still test for sensitivity on small area on under arm before beginning treatment.

Warning: This cream is designed for nighttime use only. Do not attempt to use in the daytime. Hydroquinone does not interact well with the sun and may cause adverse side effects if you don't follow directions.

Net wt. 1 oz.
Price: $ 19.95  Item NL468


Skin Lightening  Daytime Skin Lightening Cream SPF15
Daytime Facial Fade Cream

SPF15 w/ Hydroquinone 1%

New formula for safe, daytime use with SPF #15. regular application helps to balance the "Night Fade Cream" to speed results in diminishing appearance of brown spots, blotches and discoloration's. Features Mulberry, Lime and Hydroquinone 1%.
Net wt. 1.25 oz.
Item DL470 Price $22.50


Skin Lightening Hydroquinone and Glycolic Acid Skin Lightening and Whitening
Nighttime Facial Fade Gel
w/Glycolic Acid and Hydroquinone 2%

Double Action Night Gel with Glycolic Acid and Hydroquinone.
A special blending of hydroquinone in a light gel that not only helps speed the lightening results but improves skin texture and tone. Oily skin in particular will prefer this light gel. Yet, any skin type will benefit by alternating this gel with the Nighttime Fade Cream NL468. (2 weeks gel, 2 weeks night cream).

Net wt. 1.5 fl. oz.
Item GL474 Price $22.95


Skin Bleach Body Lotion

Skin Bleach Body Lightening 
Skin Lightening Body Lotion
w/ 2% Hydroquinone

All body lotions are designed to soften and ease dryness. But our Skin
Lightener Body Lotion has the extra advantage of fading out age spots, skin discoloration's, hyperpigmentation, freckles, liver spots etc. from hands, arms, shoulders, upper chest and back.

This formula contains the safe, proven skin lightening ingredient, hydroquinone 2%, in a special base designed to aid in quick, even absorption. As a result, skin is lightened in less time, to yield a smoother, clearer and brighter appearance.

No mineral oil for deeper absorption and penetration.

Net wt. 8 fl. oz.
Item BL473 Price $26.95


Skin Whitening Cream  Skin Whitening Cream, Non-Hydroquinone
for sensitive and Asian skin

Special Formula For Skin Sensitive to Hydroquinone. This unique new natural ingredient formula has been proven to be safe and effective in brightening and whitening skin discoloration or pigmentation spots on Asian and sensitive skin.With a super-special type of Kojic acid
supported by lactic acid, vitamin C licorice root and costly essential oils, to penetrate skin's epidermis and color cells. Result? The complexion and skin tone you've wanted! In addition, skin-smoothing ingredients help improve skin texture.

Net wt. 1.25 oz.
Item WL475 Price $26.95



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